The Reynolds’ Family Boating Legacy

Buoyed by L. Thomas Reynolds’ passion for fishing, Reynolds began selling high quality bass boats in 1995. But the family boating gene runs further back, to the late 1800s and early 1900s, when Hayden Reynolds sailed the Connecticut River and his yacht Dorothea was reportedly one of the fastest boats on the water.

In the 1930’s Hayden’s son, D.G., built the company’s first marine repair buildings and commercial docks. Throughout his 88 years, D.G. Reynolds cruised regional waters with family and friends aboard sailing yachts, a 1936 William Hand power yacht and sundry small boats.

Leland Reynolds, D.G.’s son, was a founder and lifetime member of the Hamburg Cove Yacht Club. He, too, nurtured his family’s love of boating and exploring the wonders of Long Island Sound. And Leland’s son, Gary Reynolds, introduced his three children – L. Thomas, Kathryn and G. Hayden – to a life brimming with delight in the river and sea around them. Avid boaters all, Tom, Kathryn and Hayden now continue the tradition and share their family’s zest for boating with Kaleigh, Julia, Izzadora, Laura Lee, Teddy and Lilian – the youngest Reynolds generation.

Published in 2009, Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You captures the history of the Reynolds family and company. The book is available NOW. All sales benefit the Lyme Public Hall Association and The Connecticut River Museum.
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